Friday, June 29, 2012

Tress Up Hairstyle

Hi everyone!

As you might already know, Stardoll has introduced a new store called Tress Up with overly expensive prices. Tress Up, however, is very famous for their new unique hairstyles that anybody can buy.

Now, in chat rooms, stardollers suites, and beauty parlors-you will find hair from Tress Up. I decided that I want to check out their hairstyles. I bought one that I thought looked the best.

This is the hairstyle colored with the blondish/white color (in the basics section) - as you may see, the hair consists of two colors. The color you choose (brown, black, blonde) and purple highlights. The hair looks really nice and unique but costs 13 stardollars! I would understand if it was 20 starcoins, or 3 stardollars, but 13!
I also want to show you the hairstyle with other colours;
The first is black and the second is the reddish brown color, and once again with the purple highlights. 

Thanks for reading! :D

-ChoochkaVal ♥

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