Sunday, April 14, 2013

Disney City Girl Review

I'm doing something a bit different and I have been meaning to do this for a while. I am reviewing a game I stumbled across early this month. It reminds me a bit of stardoll and a lot of the sims social.

The sims social is a game on facebook very much the same as 'The Sims' series which I am a big fan of, but with quests and such. I played very often for about a year until my house became over crowded with items and quests...... 0.o (click the image to make it full size).

so yeah....

That game is very fun, but laggy and way too crowded. So I would give this game overall (6.5/10)

Through that I usually play the sims and stardoll and facebook also has a sims city social which gets pretty annoying fast..... 
(click the image to make it full size).

Plus these games are almost impossible to finish without friends and they don't help if they don't play often....
Either way I would give this game a 6/10

Now let's move on to Disney City Girl...
The game is similar to the sims social with quests, energy, and gameplay. It also has the feel of stardoll with 'apartments', clothing stores, furniture (like sims social) - but it has a feel of stardoll like stardoll academy with fashion/cooking/etc. themed quests that do not overfill your house. You don't need a facebook to access the game and all your friends are anonymous and it becomes much easier to complete quests with active friends. 

I'd say give it a try for free here:

And I would rate it 7/10

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This was a quick post and please excuse any ugly grammar mistakes. 

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  1. Disney City Girl is very entertaining game thats why I play it. For help, gameskip is good.