Apply for Media Partners, Writer, Graphics

I have been trying to get this blog a tad more active and get more readers. It would be nice if you can contribute. Writers will get their own banner- made by me. Media Partners will get their logo featured on a tab to this blog. Link provided.
Writer Application:
  • Name:
  • Username:
  • Age:
  • Past Experience: 
  • Past/Present Blogs You Write on or Contribute to:
  • What would you like to write about?

Media Partner Application:
  • Blog Name:
  • Blog Link:
  • Blog Logo:
  • Followers:
 Purchase Graphic Form:
Graphics will cost a minimum of 10 sd and maximum of 100 stardollars/1000 starcoins. Depending on your graphic requests.
  • Size: (big, small, medium)
  • Style: (classy, summery, chic, etc.)
  • For: (personal use, writers banners, etc.)
  •  Want any text?:
  • Body or head graphic?:
  • Other info:

Banners/Graphic examples by me (flowerpin).



  1. Name: Kayla
    Username: TessJane3
    Age: 14
    Past Experience: I own a club with 350+ members on my old account.
    Past/Present Blogs You Write on or Contribute to: Stardoll Vogue Magazine Today (My own)
    What would you like to write about?: Basically any tutorials.

    1. Hello! I just want to say, that needs new writers, and as the owner of that blog, I would love to have you a part of it! Please message me or apply at the website! Thank you!

  2. Name: Ariella Grace
    Username: Unicorn..x
    Age: 13 1/2
    Pats Experience: I have my own blog called TheStardollBlogger which I wrote in every day until it started telling me I had to start paying if I wanted to keep it so I deleted it and decided to just write for someone else's blog instead of make my own! :D
    Also on my old account I owned a club with over 400 members! It was called THESTARDOLLBLOGGERFANCLUB.
    Past/Present Blog You Write or Contribute to: The Stardoll Blogger was my blog but I also contributed to a different stardoll blog about a year ago but since I don't remember the name I guess it doesn't really count :( Oh and I also help my bestie with her blog a tiny bit, STARDOLL UNLEASHED! Although it's not the really popular ne... it only has about 20 followers!
    What would you like to write about: Well I could do anything you wanted me to write about: tutorials, new fashion, new stardoll news, cute outfits/looks, contests, etc

    Thanks for letting my apply! I am a fan of your blog!

  3. Hello everyone who applied! :) I am so glad you guys want to try out and become writers on this blog! However, as Flowerpin is the official owner of the blog I will have to talk to her about it. You both look like great stardollers and bloggers! Good luck! :)

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  5. Name:Alexa
    username: alexatoopretty
    Age:13 years young
    Past experience: wrote for school newspaper and reseaches.
    What would you blog about: New sales, stores, and cheats


  6. Name: Danielle
    Username: CurlyFry123
    Age: 16
    Past Experience:
    Past/Present Blogs You Write on or Contribute to: bandblogusa
    What would you like to write about? - Everything and anything that you would like me to write about.

  7. Name: Izzy
    Username: XxPandaxXLove
    Age: 15
    Past Experience:
    Past/Present Blogs You Write on or Contribute to:
    What would you like to write about? Anything about Stardoll

  8. Name: Morgan

    Username: kitycattm


    Past Experience: a blog that was removed (you can message me about that)

    Past/Present Blogs You Write on or Contribute in: (not stardoll but makeup related) AND

    What would you like to write about? You may choose between Hot or Not , makeup reccomendations or celebrity inspired outfits and makeup!!!


  9. Size: (big, small, medium) medium
    Style: (classy, summery, chic, etc.) chic
    For: (personal use, writers banners, etc.) for my stardoll blog
    Want any text?: Stacia
    Body or head graphic?: Nope
    Other info: pls include my blog name--- 101StardollAccess