Friday, May 27, 2011

Stardoll Presentation

Updated 4/18/2011 (click pics to make bigger)
Hello fellow stardoll peoples!! I actually joined in '08 but forgot about this site for a while. You may know me as Flowerpin from other sites or whatnot. That's me!! I adore fashion and I'd love feedback.
Since I have been gone for a LONG period of time I have very few things. Some things I have are old too. I remember how the old site was set-up. I like this one better.
I'm on the computer a lot in general so feel free to makeover my stardoll and show me what you made like these are some of the outfits I like:

And I do have make-up. For some reason it wasn't for superstars. :/ I plan to be a superstar at one point or another though. I mean don't you hate not Being a superstar. It's fine but takes a LONG time for things.

So befriend me, comment, etc.
  About Me (general)
I am a picses, I love food and all the colors. Fashion is my thing. Makeup I would like to wear more often. Sometimes I wanna be famous, but most times rich. I play VOLLEYBALL and tennis.

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