Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to be a Stylin' Non-SS

Yep! You heard right! You don't have to be tacky as a non-ss. I mean look at me! I was NEVER a superstar and don't look tacky. Here's some tips you can take to make sure your MEdoll isn't tacky.

1) Be unique: Go into Beauty Parlor and go from this to this:

2) Save up. When you save up you can buy more chic and modern clothes like this: 
And hesitate from just buying tacky items just to get clothes like this:
3) Take chances. If stardoll offers free items and contests-do them. You get get better things and chances that way.
4) Make friends. Be friendly on stardoll. Those will also help your chances to look good.
5) Take the time when making your suite and album look good. Get those well deserved stars.

From this:
 To This:
6) Ignore rude or mean comments if someone puts in your guestbook **** you! Ugly medoll/etc. 0/5 stars. Ignore it and delete it. DO NOT reply with **** you. Stop being a *****. If you don't like rude comments hide your guestbook.
7) Be realistic. Don't buy overshaped clothes and keep an okay looking bodyshape.

big b00bs and small waist=no

anything inbetween
8) Be truthful. Don't put lies or profanity in your presentation. Most likely people will ignore it and leave.

I hope it helps. :)
Click pics to enlarge.

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