Sunday, April 8, 2012

Updates on Video

Here are the entries. Vote for your favorite!

i think id be good in your video because i have been a superstar ( im not anymore but im buying it soon!) and i am really pretty ( LOL ) umm i also luv watching youtube videos for stardoll cheats and stuff and i am really into your videos! i do not care what type of video im in ( as long as it is good) and Thats it!!!!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! {blue4453}

I think I should be in the video because I think I do have a good look to represent any stardoll video. I think the idea should be a fun video on how to add pictures or anything to your presentation. {comingfromhot}

 hey i really want to be on Youtube with u plz pick me {painten}

 Hey I want to be in your youtube video and here is why: I think it would be awesome to be in one of your videos because you are VERY specific and tell people REALLY useful hints.A video I would want to watch is:Going to a party makeup tutorial. {Icycutieqirl}

i would be perfect on one of ur videos because im cute and im a diamod {jollyrancher53}

I would like to be featured on your youtube video. I would be perfect for that video because I love fashion. I know every other girl will say this and that their style is unique and blah blah. But I want to show people, again, like everybody else, that I am different. Because I am my own individual and I am not going to give a s*** about what other people say &#cause I&#m just going tell them I don&#t care. I love to give people makeovers ( in their beauty parlors in my own account) and I just want to show people that there is more than being beautiful on Stardoll. It&#s about actually meeting awesome people and showing off who you are. I would love to watch a video about how to be nice to somebody on Stardoll because some MeDollies would really need that video XD Even if I don&#t get picked for the video, I am glad just to have entered. Thanks for opening this up :) {NerdyASNFTW}

Hey gothicRosey... I think I would be perfect to be featured in one of your videos because I am just like you... I try to sp... Hey GothicRosey.... I think I would be perfect for your video because we are alike... you like to make videos for youtube and so do I.... also you like to make your suite perfect and so do I! I would like to be in a makeup tutorial if I got chosen for your video! It would mean so much if you picked me to be in your video but you don't have to approve if you don't want to. Love Alexa xoxo  {harrystyles1017}

i want to be in your video.I Would be perfect to be in a featured video beacuse i have alot of clothes and makeup and acessories.and one video idea i would watch is a makeup video.thanks and im talking about michelle 77cool my first account not this one.



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