Monday, April 23, 2012

Writer's Wanted!

 I'm just looking for a few new crew members so we have some more updates and things going on. I want some more traffic.
If you are interested in writing please fill this out:

Stardoll Name:
Experience (if none it's fine) :
Choose what you would like to write about:

`Makeup Artist
`Other; if so please explain

(a graphic by me will be provided)


  1. Hi!

    My name is Amanda, I am 15 years old.

    My stardoll name is ChoochkaVal, I can write about anything as I have been a writer in another blog.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. I would love for you to write, but I can't seem to find your Stardoll page. Mind to provide a link?

    2. Just in case, its case sensitive - ChoochkaVal

      I was really annoyed with the fact that the link would say "User" as for any personal account, but I could not copy one.

      So, if you could give me your username, I could add you.

      Thanks! :)