Monday, June 25, 2012

Do you think Stardoll would benefit?

Flowerpin here~look at my lovely unfinished graphic! I just put a face on her. :P

So yeah I am just thinking out loud here...
I have a few suggestions....
-add a text search in starplaza (ex.stripes, peplum, floral)
-allow users to renew their superstar status via Stardoll Access or through iTunes

Good/Bad ideas?

Want some free Stardollars? Look here!

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Its ChoochkaVal!

    I just wanted to say that, a lot of people are interested in the overly expensive hairstyles and accessories in the store "Tress Up"

    Now, everyone is party rooms, albums, sceneries - have hair or something else from Tress up.

    Now, personally, I think that is crazy... 10 - 25 stardollars for a hair style, much like any other hairstyles in the basics section.

    A lot of hairstyles, I believe, look worse than the the basics..

    Agree with my opinion? :)